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The 60-Year Wedding Anniversary: A Milestone for the Mighty in Love

Tommy and Mary Weir, my in-laws (for 37 years and counting), are celebrating 60 years of marriage this very day. SIXTY! YEARS. This is a milestone not many of us will pass. You gotta get it right if you wanna get it done. To make it 60, you have to marry fairly young and really well and […]

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A word about truth, perception, and perspective

Truth, perception, and perspective — this may be a subject too large to tackle here. Let’s attempt it anyways. I am settling back into the routine of my life following an eventful week that started with the funeral of a 21-year-young lady—the daughter and sister of dear friends—taken suddenly and without warning in a tragic accident. The […]

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18…Again – A note to my firstborn on the 18th anniversary of her 18th birthday

A few days ago, my ever-so-curious and talented son-in-law Edward Frys discovered a long-forgotten and deeply buried treasure of floppy disks bearing assorted thing I had written and saved over the years. I had not seen them or anything on them in 15 years or so. Among the digital cobwebs on these vintage computer disks […]

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