I am the JourneyMan, neither craftsman nor novice. I have not arrived and I am not sure how I would know if I had. What I do know is what I have learned on the winding road of my life. That is what I have to share: my journey, just bits of wisdom and folly, insight and hindsight. Thank you for walking with me a while.

Gene Strother, The JourneyMan


LA Holly

My interest in writing began in earnest in the 1980s. I was the very young pastor of a small church in California. Public speaking had always been my passion. Then I started a weekly newsletter, published opinion pieces in the local newspaper, and was published in a national religious magazine. The power of the written word - its ability to reach beyond my own realm of influence was evident. More than that, I found I enjoyed it. So, I wrote and wrote and in 2002, published my first book under the pseudonym L.A. Holly.

1,000 WORDS

A collection of ten essays, each 1,000 words in length.

These stories range from slice-of-life fiction to personal recollections of actual events. Each is a stand-alone short story sure to bring a smile, a tear, or a pause for reflection. These are easy reads but may raise questions with no easy answers. Please enjoy and watch your step.


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