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The blog is where I take on subjects as broad as religion, politics, scence, love, and life experience. I take them on and give you my take on them.

1,000 Words

One of my latest projects, 1,000 Words is a collection of ten short stories/essays – some fiction, some fact – each exactly 1,000 words in length.

My Novella

In 2002, I wrote a semi-autobiographical novella called The Preacher’s Kid under my pen name, L.A. Holly.

Meet L.A. Holly

Everything you need to know about the alter ego

The new millennium aroused in me a heightened sense of urgency. Something about waving goodbye to the 20th Century impressed upon my soul the need to do the things you need to do without delay.


What some very fine citizens have to say about The Preacher’s Kid

It is now sixteen years since I published my first – and to date, my only – actual, sure-‘nough book. Don’t tell me you have had all this time and still haven’t read it?

These readers did and gave their evaluation. When you read it, I hope you will give yours, as well.

Very enjoyable! Every escapade left me waiting with anticipation to see what would happen next. I laughed out loud several times. A very good read!


April 2, 2012

L.A. Holly has written a book with characters so real, I feel like I know them. I laughed out loud at several details, and cried at particularly touching times. Reg, Gib, Lori Ann and their families come alive on these pages, and there are significant lessons to be learned as well.
Michelle Cothrin

April 4, 2012, Goodreads comment

The author has such depth with description and emotion. The characters came to life for me. I would recommend this book to all audiences. A true story about a boy’s childhood upbringing with it’s happy and extremely sad happenings. Made me smile and cry at times…..the book is a short quick read. You will be glad you took the time to read this.
Cindy Vaughn

July 21, 2013, Amazon review

What a great read! It will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry and most definitely make you do some soul searching regarding your life. I found myself going back to my own childhood for the entire book! It is truly remarkable how cleverly the author does this as he guides you through the preacher’s kid’s own life. I believe anyone that is lucky enough to read it will appreciate just how good it is.

April 2, 2012, Amazon review

This was a wonderful read. Good for adults and kids. Set in the early 1970’s it’s about a boy’s trials and comic situations in a small rural community in Texas. Very well written and well worth every penny. I can’t wait for more from this author!!!!!!!!

June 13, 2002, Amazon review

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