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The Preacher’s Kid

(How the story goes)
picking a pen name
(Hey, I know it is not actually a legend – except in my own mind.)
The top three questions people ask about my book The Preacher’s Kid:

Did that stuff really happen?
Yes, some of it really happened, but not the way I tell it. It is a work of fiction that is loosely autobiographical. The characters are composites of people I have known. The locations are drawn from places I have been. It feels like real life because it is. Sort of.

Why did you use a pen name? Well, I had a couple of reasons. First, I thought no one would remember my real name and if they did, they couldn’t spell it or pronounce it. Second, I thought, if no one reads the book and I die in anonymity, I will at least have left behind a tribute to my kids. This leads us to…

How did you come up with that name, L. A. Holly? Speaking of my kids: I have three girls. Their names are Ashley, Holly, and Lacey. I played with their names for weeks while the story I was dying to tell worked itself out of me.

So, this is my book, but it’s our story. I imagined a hundred or so variations and combinations of their three names. When the idea of L.A. Holly hit me, I stopped looking, I knew I had found my pseudonym. You see, I love the California vibe of the name. My family and I lived in California for seven years. I accepted my first pastorate there. My baby, Lacey, was born there. It remains a favorite getaway spot for my wife and me.

Now that you know the story behind the name, meet the girls…

Ashley Blevins
Ashley is my firstborn. She is funny, witty, beautiful, and strong. She was a military wife, then a single mother…and never complained. She is “Mom” to my favorite kid in the World, Ty David.

She and her wonderful husband Dylan live in Carrollton, Texas, and that is just fine.
Holly Frys
Holly is our miracle. According to more than a half-dozen specialists, she was never going to walk. All she has done is walk into the hearts and hopes of thousands of disabled and able-bodied people around the world. She found her miracle man, Edward “The Cake Guy” a few years back. They live in Burleson, Texas.

Lacey Strother
Lacey was not supposed to be. We were all done having kids. After emergency surgery, my wife had but 1/3 of one ovary left. Lacey had plans and everyone who knows Lacey knows she is a tough one to say no to. She burst into our lives and immediately completed our little family. Lacey is engaged to a wonderful man named James.

Oh! Holly writes, too. Read her here.


Praise for the preacher’s kid
Click the book cover to go to my Good Reads author page.
Click the book cover to go to my Good Reads author page.

“The author has such depth with description and emotion. The characters came to life for me. I would recommend this book to all audiences. A true story about a boy’s childhood upbringing with it’s happy and extremely sad happenings. Made me smile and cry at times…..the book is a short quick read. You will be glad you took the time to read this.”— Lisa V

“What a great read! It will make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry and most definitely make you do some soul searching regarding your life. I found myself going back to my own childhood for the entire book! It is truly remarkable how cleverly the author does this as he guides you through the preacher’s kid’s own life. I believe anyone that is lucky enough to read it will appreciate just how good it is. I anxiously await this author’s next book. Yes, this one is THAT good!”— Terry

“Very enjoyable! Every escapade left me waiting with anticipation to see what would happen next. I laughed out loud several times. A very good read!”— Happy

“L.A. Holly has written a book with characters so real, I feel like I know them. I laughed out loud at several details, and cried at particularly touching times. Reg, Gib, Lori Ann and their families come alive on these pages, and there are significant lessons to be learned as well.”— Michelle C