The faces all around me they don’t smile they just crack
Waiting for our ship to come but our ship’s not coming back
We do have time like pennies in a jar
What are we saving for

So give me something to believe
Cause I am living just to breathe
And I need something more
To keep on breathing for
So give me something to believe

My personal journey into the dark regions of doubt revealed to me how utterly hopeless and void a faithless existence can be.

I learned that even the doubters have to believe in something…even if it is just believing in their doubt. We call people agnostics who find solace in uncertainty.

The word agnostic, while it is often professed by well educated people, is not a flattering term at all. It literally means, “Know nothing.” The consolation the agnostic finds is in his belief that if he doesn’t know, neither do you…no one knows. He is just intelligent or educated or brave enough to admit it.

Still, agnosticism is itself a belief system.

So is Atheism.

An Atheist has a belief system. He believes in chance and circumstance. He believes in the absence of deity and essentially asserts himself as his own “god.” He may not believe in God…but he believes in something.

I first came across the lyrics of the song with which I opened this entry while playing Madden on XBox. I don’t recall if it was ’08 or ’09 or…

I was struck by the gripping earnestness of the band (a group called Bravery, about which I know nothing) as they sang the song. There was such an urgency, such a need in the lyrics. How hopeless it all sounded. How maddeningly frustrating the songwriter’s and the singers’ pursuit of “truth” or meaning…

I am hiding from some beast
But the beast was always here
Watching without eyes
Because the beast is just my fear
That I am just nothing
Now its just what I’ve become
What am I waiting for
Its already done

I am so glad that the God I love and serve, even when I was trying every way in the world to distance myself from Him, gave me something to believe. He gave me something real, something tangible, something supported by too much evidence to dismiss.

He gave me Himself. Through all the deep valleys and dark twists and turns of my journey, He was there.

And He will be. I believe that…with all my heart.

You looking for something to believe? Looking for something real to sink your teeth into? Looking for terra firma upon which to plant your feet of faith?

I give you Jesus!

Look into Him. He is more than willing to be scrutinized, analyzed, examined, investigated. He can stand it. Look into the Scriptures. Consider the weight and the worth of the beautiful words of the Bible.

How sweet it is to say with the great Apostle Paul…

“I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.” ~2 Timothy 1:12

And what exactly have I committed to him?


He is my “something to believe.”


By Gene

I am a lover, a fighter, and a midnight writer. I love football, hamburgers, and philosophical inquiries. I love Jesus more than any of that. I love my wife, my daughters, my grandson, and my English Setters, Huck and Finn. I also love Huck Finn...and other seminal characters in American literature. Like Gus McCrae. I love the English language. I love to dive into the wonders of its depth and splash around in the shallow end where colloquialisms and slang rule and reign.

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