1,000 words

a ten-essay series

I love words. I love their power and their beauty. I love that they can evoke every emotion we are capable of experiencing. They can induce homesickness, encourage greatness, build up the weak, and tear down the strong…

Essay One: The StopoverEssay Two: Peace Like A River

1,000 Words

the beauty & the power

“Ask not what your country….”

“Four score and seven years ago…”

“I have a dream…”

“I love you.”

I also love the art of economizing words. The longer I live, the more I read…and write, the more convinced I am of this: the most powerful deployment of language is not found in the flowery trails of waxed eloquence but in the ability to say the most with the least. [See the Gettysburg address (270 words) or the Sermon on the Mount.]


Carol Burnett

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.


Rudyard Kipling

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.


The Brothers Gibb

It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.


Robert Frost

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.


Martin Luther

The fewer the words, the better the prayer.


Ten Essays – Each 1,000 Words

The Concept

The concept behind this series is to write each essay to exactly 1,000 words. It’s ten perfectly fat-free stories.


The Essays

The subject matter will be all over the road. Some fiction. Some true stories. Some light-hearted. Some heavy. Some whimsical. Some weighty. You get the picture…which is worth a thousand words, right?

The Contest

I will write nine of the ten essays. The tenth will be selected from submissions by readers like you! A small, hand-picked panel of judges will read them and cast their votes for the best essay. The winner will have their essay included on this site, in the free ebook and audiobook to come later…and will win a custom L.A. Holly t-shirt or coffee mug (your choice) plus an autographed copy of The Preacher’s Kid.

the contest

write a 1,000 word essay. Get Published! Win a Prize!

Do you like to write? Got a story to tell? A short story? A really short story? Do you want to hone your writing and editing skills?

Do I have news for you! I will include in the 1,000 Words essay project an essay from one lucky (or talented) reader/writer.

Here are the guidelines and contest rules:

  • buy Lyrica generic The essay may be fiction or fact – a short story, slice-of-life, story-with-a-moral, you name it.
  • The essay must be EXACTLY 1,000 words long. This is where discipline and editing skills come in. Trim that fat!
  • The essay must not be X-rated or otherwise inappropriate. That doesn’t mean it cannot be controversial!
  • The Submission Deadline is May 31, 2018. 

The 1,000 Word Journey

It Started with a 2.5 Mile Commute

Heavy Traffic, Light Heart, Wandering Mind

I got stuck the other day. In traffic. And on a phrase – one I have heard or read at least a thousand times in my life. I bet you have as well.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Words have been my life, my passion, my vocation.

There in my Toyota Tundra on Interstate 30, halfway between work and home (and glad it wasn’t the other way around), I ruminated on that idiom as common as any in my native tongue. What emerged was this thought:

The artist says a picture is worth a thousand words. The wordsmith wonders how many pictures a thousand words can paint.

From that silly, slightly self-serving thought came this notion…

I will write a book! A short book. A book of essays. A book of short stories. Really short stories.

I will write a book where each essay/story is exactly 1,000 words in length. I will mix autobiographical tales with fiction. I will tell stories. I will see how many pictures a thousand words can paint.

And I will hope someone reads them with the same critical eye, the same attention to detail, the same anticipation as a lover of art approaching a museum piece for the first time.

The essays will be added to this site as I complete them. Please mark the site and check back often or follow me on Facebook for updates.

Welcome to the Thousand Word Museum. Enjoy your stay. Watch your step. And please(!), do not touch the artwork. But I hope it touches you.

Got an idea, question, inquiry, suggestion, comment?

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