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I am a huge fan great quotes. I collect them the way some people collect baseball cards or postage stamps. Here is my own private stash of personal quotes. I know it is a little…well, anyways. If I qon’t quote me, who will?

The Struggle is the Reward

I have observed that – more often than not – things that are too convenient are too convenient, that which is easily attained is of little value, and the primrose path leads to the Land of the Unfulfilled. When you have finally attained that thing, that position, that moment you so desperately struggled and fought to achieve, you may realize that the struggle was actually the reward.

Extraordinary is...

Extraordinary only exists because of ordinary. If every event or moment were extraordinary, none of them would be. Life is mostly made up of the mundane. If you can find value in putting extraordinary effort into ordinary things, you, my friend, ARE extraordinary.


Every failure is either a teacher or a tyrant. It batters you or betters you. It makes you or breaks you. It lowers you or lifts you. Only you can decide which.

Hard Work is Hard

That which is easy to attain is impossible to appreciate. That which is too easy is too easy. The price reflects the value and vice versa. 


To Vote or Not To Vote...

Voting is for those who wish to be heard…and not just herded.

Easy Does It

The easiest thing in the world to make is an excuse. The second easiest thing to make is a difference, All you have to do to make a difference is eliminate the excuse.

A Tight Fit

Sometimes you get to find where you fit. Other times, you gotta fit where you’re found. Either way, it’s a tight fit.


Listen, Class. Every class needs a Little Johnny and every Johnny needs a little class.


Take a Knee?

Too many stand where they should kneel and kneel where they should stand. Get it right, and you find strength beyond your own. Get it wrong and even your strength is weakness.

Social Issues

The trouble with social media is that when it is the last place you ought to be, it’s the first place you want to go.

What's the Difference?

If you are one of those people who only does what is expected when it is inspected, take a moment to reconcile this fact: You won’t ever make a real difference or leave any kind of worthwhile legacy.


The “narrative” always trumps the truth in a PC society.

Speak Up!

What will you do when standing up means standing out? It is easy to talk tough until it is tough to talk. Everybody is ready to do something until something must be done.

Fly Away

Don’t miss the next flight just because you missed the last train.


We all have a plane to catch in this land where we are always chasing— but never quite catching— that place we call Tomorrow.



I have been reflecting on the question: Which is worse? Too much reflection or none at all?

To The Losers!

“Here’s to the bitter loser. Good losers are usually good losers.”

Dog Fight!

“Sometimes it IS the size of the dog in the fight.”

A Piece of Your Mind?

“If you tell everything you know, it is doubtful you know anything worth telling.”


“Almost” is the bitterest pill of all.”