Shoo Fly, Shoo! - A Devotional

Dead flies can make even perfume stink.In the same way, a little foolishness can spoil wisdom. The heart of the wise leads to right, but the heart of a fool leads to wrong. Ecclesiastes 10:1,2

In a recent post, I talked about how a little bit of foolishness can unravel a lifetime of wisdom. This current post is part two in a four-part series on that subject.

Like dead flies in perfume, a little folly may alter and putrefy an otherwise honorable testimony. This is Solomon's thesis, But he does not stop there. He goes on to identify a number of "flies" that if allowed to remain in our lives may bring ruin. I think it prudent to camp here a few days and examine them one by one, as they will provide instruction, warning and enlightenment.

In verse two, Solomon contrasts the heart of the wise and the heart of a fool. The heart, we know, is the seat of our emotions, passions, and desires. It is also representative of the will of a person.

The NKJV records the verse this way: "A wise man's heart is at his right hand, but a fool's heart is at his left."

Now, that is not a shot at left-handed people—at least, I hope it isn't, since I am one. The right hand was always used to speak of power and control. In the New Testament, we read that the glorified Christ is seated at the "right hand of the Father." That is a place of honor, prestige, and power.

The wise person controls his passions, rather than being controlled by them, but the fool is often led by every fleshly whim. Uncontrolled passions are flies that will spoil the fragrance of any life. If left unchecked, sin will become habit, and habit will become obsession. The foolish person will ultimately find himself the slave of his fleshly cravings.

Paul urges us in the New Testament, "Do not be drunk with wine...but be filled by the Holy Spirit" [Eph.5:18]—the implication being that each of us will be controlled and driven by something or someone. Our decisions and direction will be influenced by the force(s) at work in our lives. To walk in the Spirit, we must be constantly yielding ourselves to Him. Otherwise, we may become drunk with whatever wine our flesh is most susceptible to craving.

A Prayer for Today: "Father, I yield myself to You. I pray that You will fill me with Your power and presence. Give me victory over the sinful tendencies of my flesh today. Help me, Lord, to keep my passions under control. Amen."