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Just Released!

A Month of Sundays

31 Devotionals for Making Every Day the Lord’s Day

ONLY $6.95

This is my very first ebook, and I am excited to tell you about it...

A Month of Sundays is a collection of 31 original devotionals—one for each day of even the longest month.

Each devotional is Bible-based with a Scripture reference for meditation and/or memorization and with a prayer for the day.

Some of the devotionals feature anecdotal stories. Some employ quotes from historical or contemporary characters. Some include outlines for breaking down the day’s Scripture reading. All of them are well-written, provocative, and timely (even if I do say so myself.)

They are great for…

  • Use in your daily personal devotion time
  • As an aide in your family devotions
  • As a resource for the Bible or Sunday School teacher
  • As sermon starters for the Preacher

The ebook is written in Adobe ™ Acrobat™, which makes it very easy to read and navigate. You probably have Adobe Reader on your computer, but if not, it is a free download here…and is very handy.

This is The first of a 12-book series, with subsequent volumes coming every one to two months, God willing. When complete, more than a full year of daily devotions will be at the reader's fingertips.

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