About Gene?

Not really

It’s not about me. It’s about those on this journey with me. It’s about those whose journey has taken them to another plane. It’s about life. It’s about living. It’s about learning…and sharing. It’s about you. And yours. It’s about time. And eternity.

The L.A. Holly StoryFaceboook Page

01. The Past

I discovered my love for preaching when I was just a boy. I was around 10 when I deliver my first “sermon.” Straight out of high school, I joined a church staff. At age 23, I was named “senior” pastor to a small congregation in northern California. I remained in the pastorate until 1997, when my world imploded and I landed face-down in the mire of self-loathing and self-pity. I stayed there awhile.

02. The Present

The tale took a twist or two after my years in ministry. Along the way, I drove a cab, sold automotive interiors, managed a rental store, taught English to middle schoolers, chased storms all over North America as an insurance adjuster, managed construction & maintenance for a couple real estates investment trusts, and finally landed as a member of senior management in an exciting independent adjusting firm…which is where you find me now.

03. The Point

The point is this: wherever I have been and whatever I have done, whether pursuing a passion like preaching, a profession like adjusting, or simply protecting my family from the ravenous wolf at the door, I have been a communicator. Words are my craft. Words are my obsession. Words are all I have to tell you my story, to share my journey.

Why the Journeyman?

Why did I choose to identify as The JourneyMan? Well, the obvious double entendre drew me to the notion. More than that, though, is the definition of “journeyman.” A journeyman is someone who has spent time as an apprentice, training. He has developed a skillset, a handicraft. He is not; however, a master craftsman. He is somewhere between the two extremes of apprentice and craftsman. He’s on that journey. So am I.


“One who has mastered a handicraft or trade; distinguished from apprentice and from master workman.”


writings on the wall & other places

Just Blogging Along

The blog is where I take on subjects as broad as religion, politics, scence, love, and life experience. I take them on and give you my take on them.

1,000 Words

One of my latest projects, 1,000 Words is a collection of ten short stories/essays – some fiction, some fact – each exactly 1,000 words in length.

My Novella

In 2002, I wrote a semi-autobiographical novella called The Preacher’s Kid under my pen name, L.A. Holly.

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