I am a journeyman.

A journeyman, by definition, is a person who has acquired a certain set of skills – through education and experience. A journeyman is not a novice. He has been down the road a bit, seen a few things, done a few things, made his share of mistakes, learned more than a few lessons. Nor is a journeyman a master. He prefers – or is obliged – to remain under the watchful eye of one who is.

I chose the term journeyman because I see it as a metaphor for my life…and because I subscribe to the notion that life is about more than a destination…it is a journey, man. As a Christian, I appreciate the idea of living one’s life with eternity in view. I do not, however, believe that one should become so “heavenly-minded” that he is no earthly good, anymore than one should be so earthly minded…

Sure, I want to go to Heaven. It would be nice to see you there, too. I am just not in any big hurry to get there.

For me, the destination is set. But the journey…continues to surprise, delight, frighten, excite, depress, empower, amuse, overwhelm, embarrass, validate, humble, and (insert any of a thousand verbs that might apply) me.

This is my journal…and the place where I hope to share with you little bits of wisdom and folly from my journey.

Your Fellow Journeyman,
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Chris Merritt
Chris Merritt

Hi Gene, I have been following you for years now. Since the Morning Mana. I have been wondering WHAT had happened to you. I have always enjoyed your posts and have found them to be very instrumental for my day. I connect with your messages. I will bookmark this and add you to my daily "routine".... God Bless, Chris Merritt


Chris, I remember you! Wow! you go back all the way to likw 2000, when Manna was just beginning. It is good to reconnect. Hope all is well in your world. You will find this blog a bit more of a scatter-shoot. I do still include devotional writings, but pretty much write about whatever is happening or is on my mind at the time. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for taking the trouble to find me again. God bless you and yours. Gene