Month: February 2018

The Bible and the Butterfly Effect

Truthfully, my first introduction to The Butterfly Effect as a theory was when I watched the 2004 movie by that name. I became intrigued and did a little research whenever I thought of it. Dabbled here and there like I do with most philosophical intrigues I encounter. Encountering the notion again this week, I determined to apply my mind to it and consider how the theory correlates to what the Bible has to tell us about small things and big consequences. Before we go there; however, let’s have a look at how and where The Butterfly Effect emerged as a...

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My Faithful Valentine: a story of love

Last night Donya asked if I remembered what I gave her on that first Valentine’s Day we spent together. I did, sort of. I remembered I gave her a blouse or a dress or some such. (I am sure the mountainous, volatile, protective Tommy Weir was thrilled that the big-eared kid with the silk shirts and bell-bottom pants was giving his precious firstborn such an intimate gift so soon. Never mind, the persistent kid would get even bolder soon – and he and Donya would be married, with Tommy’s blessing, in a few months.) She reminded me that I did...

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Dreamers Take it to the Limit (one more time)

“You know, I’ve always been a dreamer…” These lyrics have forever resonated with my soul. I have dreamed more than I have done and I have done more than I dared dream…and still, I dream of more. While others my age and in my station in life are setting the cruise control and coasting into the comforts earned through years of investment of time, effort, and resources, I still dream of that next adventure, that next encounter… I dream that it will be like none before it and none after because there is a dynamic unique to every relationship....

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