Month: December 2016

Trigger warnings, safe spaces, and middle-age orneriness

order generic accutane Dear College/University Student, Please forgive me if I don’t understand your need for Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces. Forgive me not understanding how vital it is to your mental health and wellbeing to be sheltered from all adversity and opposing ideas. Let me explain where I am coming from and maybe, if in your safe space, you are allowed to read this, you will understand. (Trigger warning: real-life ahead) You see, I was 17 when I knew which girl I wanted to make a life with. I know that sounds (and probably is) silly, but I was not going...

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Christmas brings the King who trumps all presidents

buy accutane online without prescription   While millions wring their hands and fret that a terribly unqualified man is days from assuming the position of “leader of the free world,” aka, the presidency of the United States of America, I take comfort in knowing that presidents, kings, and rulers rise to power, relinquish it, find favor with the people and fall out of it, but the throne of the one, true King is never vacated, abdicated, undermanned, nor manned by someone unqualified. The One upon whose shoulders the government abides is the One whose birth we are poised to remember and celebrate. He trumps...

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