Month: November 2015

A Thanksgiving Prayer you are better off not praying All across America, families who still pause to give thanks at Thanksgiving are gearing up for the big day of feast, family, and faith. Heads of families or those whom suspect they may be called on to “offer grace” may have already begun boning up on their prayer life. Some like it more rehearsed. No surprises. Eases the tension of suddenly being the only voice in the room and speaking on everyone’s behalf…to God! Others will confidently and boldly “wing it.” There are those who acknowledge God, but only as a support, or an accomplice. They feel strongly about the...

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I, Tom Sawyer: The True Adventures of an American Youth | Part One: Billy Jack, Buford Pusser, and me

mar 6 I grew up with a Bible in one hand and a copy of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  in the other. If I had a third hand it would have held a football. A fourth would have had a baseball glove on it. A fifth and sixth would have clamped the handlebar grips of my Huffy bicycle. Mine was the all-American youth in all-Texas towns with names like Mineral Wells, Strawn, and Sansom Park. I had adventures with all-American boys with names like Robert Bunnell, Johnny Caudle, and Troy Henager. There were other towns and other...

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