Month: October 2015

God bless A.V. Henderson

  Of all the preachers I have known and interacted with in my life, if I had to name a favorite, it would be Dr. A.V. Henderson. Dr. Henderson married my grandparents and was their pastor in Merkel, Texas a long, long time ago. His mastery of the pulpit eventually took him to the pastorate of the historic Temple Baptist Church, Detroit, MI, which was, at the time, one of the five largest churches in America, once pastored by the inimitable J. Frank Norris. Henderson would also later serve as the president of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO., which...

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Everything all the time

I was spending some of Saturday’s rainy morning sorting through Amazon Prime, downloading “free” music, when I came across an album title that resonated with me. It is a Band of Horses album. It’s title? “Everything all the time.” And it got me thinking. We have created a world for ourselves and our progeny where we must fill every available waking moment with something. I imagine a Friday night cheer squad leading a lusty crowd in the everything all the time chant… “What do we want?” “EVERYTHING!” “When do we want it?” “ALL THE TIME!” Think about it. We get on a plane...

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