Month: October 2012

Mom’s Song (A Life of Faith, Love and Hope)

The life of a catastrophe adjuster is uncertain. One day, you can be up to your elbows in claims and the next, the storm is being wrapped up and you wonder where you will be tomorrow. Maybe you will go home. But, if so, for how long? So, here I am on October 27, 2012, winding down one storm in Canada and watching the gathering storm in the Atlantic. I am wondering, “Where to next, Lord? For how long?” And then I remember an old song—one I have not heard or even thought of in years. And when I remember it, I sing. And when I sing it, in my mind, I hear the familiar, comforting, rich, alto voice of my mother, the person I most often heard sing the song from her perch at the piano in whatever church my Dad or Granddad happened to be pastoring. It was impossible to listen to my Mom’s passionate delivery of this song and doubt a single word of its message. No preacher ever covered the subject more forcefully or eloquently. No one ever made its message more believable… I don’t know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day; I don’t borrow from it’s sunshine, For it’s skies may turn to gray. I don’t worry o’er the future, For I know what Jesus said; And today I’ll walk beside...

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Decision 2012: Jesus and American politics

Let’s talk about Jesus and American politics. What would Jesus do? Would Jesus vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama for president? Would he vote at all? I am a Christian and a political conservative. Depending on your world view and approach to hermeneutics, you will either say those two go hand-in-hand…or they don’t. But here’s the trouble I am wrestling with at the moment: Christianity and Patriotism. So many that occupy our camp have so intermingled the two that the message is more than simply saying one is the natural result of the other. The message is that the two are the same thing. To be a Christian, you have to be a patriot. To be a true patriot, you have to be a Christian. Again, I ask, what would Jesus do? Would He simply ignore the fact that Mitt Romney’s theological ties are to a cult-like religion, one that has perverted and revised the gospel, a religion that reduces Jesus Himself to a son of God, but not God the Son? Would he vote for Romney on the basis of a “common moral platform?” Or, would he vote for the one that claims to be an evangelical but coddles the religion that has persecuted His chosen people, spewed hatred and murder, and followed a false god? WWJD? For whom would Jesus vote? Would He vote at all?...

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Planning your life is easy; living your plan is not

Planning your life is easy. Living your plan is not. “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned to have the life that is waiting for us” ~EM Forster I posted this quote as my Facebook status this morning. Today wasn’t the first time I had run across it. But it was the most recent, and, as every time before, it resonated with me, struck a chord in my soul. I know that my being in a reflective—and melancholy—mode comes as a great surprise to those who know me best. ~Smirk~ Here I am, nonetheless. Since early 1997, I have been living in a post-apocalyptic state where personal plans for my life are concerned. Nothing I have done professionally since that time was part of the plan. Whether it was delivering pizzas and driving a taxi (yes, I did both for a short period), working as a salesman, managing a rent-to-own store, teaching middle school or adjusting homeowners’ claims all over the US and (now) Canada, it has all been unscripted. I had a plan, but my own failures drove me off course. So, I have done what I must to keep the wolf at bay and the fire in the family hearth while I navigated uncertain waters and explored uncharted territory. For the longest time, I figured this was but a detour. I would...

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