To Trump or not to Trump | Decision 2016, a Christian's quandary

To Trump or not to Trump? That is the question! It is also the most hotly debated social media topic among conservatives – particularly, CHRISTIAN conservatives – right now.

The Trump Tapes

In the wake of the perfectly-timed release of the Trump tape from 11 years ago, on which he engaged in lewd and foul rhetoric and demeaned the fairer sex (an old-fashioned term I am sure to get into trouble for using, which is ironic in a way), Republican leaders like Condoleezza Rice have pulled their "support" of the controversial Republican candidate.

Rice wrote on Facebook: Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw. As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth.

I have seen fast friends and even fellow ministers duking it out on Facebook and Twitter over whether it is appropriate for a Christian to vote for Trump. The debate has been lively and colorful and sometimes involves suggestions that the person taking the opposite view is either delusional or deranged...or downright sinful!

The ones taking the high road and saying #NeverTrump put forth the argument that essentially boils down to this: The lesser of two evils is still evil! 

Got me there.

I am trying to remember when an American election came down to God vs the Devil or complete Good vs complete Evil. I don't recall Billy Graham or Mother Theresa ever having been on the ballot. Granted, Trump is the worst best option we have had since I can remember. But some of the same people who were willing to forget a lot of things they know about Mormonism as it relates to traditional (biblical) Christianity to vote Romney sure have been slaying the wayward sons and daughters willing to overlook brutish behavior and dirty words to vote Trump.

Conversely, those selling out to a wholesale endorsement of a man whose best qualities revolve around the kind of delusions of grandeur and egomania rarely seen in anyone not holding the title Caesar or Emperor are a bit annoying, too. Telling someone they are wasting their vote if they vote for a third candidate is the same as telling them they can never vote their conscience and that underdogs should never have any support.

Trump: Will he make America great again?

Trump may be the best hope for America, given the options. I really don't know that I can say he is...or if he will be, as he would say, "a total disaster." I am not sure anyone can say for sure.

What we can say for sure is that Trump is not the squeaky clean candidate we would like for him to be. He has been self-serving, cold-blooded, ill-tempered, and middle school bully-like way too often to suit me.

I have, frankly, been on the fence and on either side of it numerous times in this election. I am torn, like so many of you. I do NOT like Trump. I do NOT trust Trump.

But...I believe that Hillary is as close to evil incarnate as a candidate is likely to be. Furthermore, she is on the wrong side of EVERY issue that is important to me, and some of those have real spiritual implications (like ABORTION).

In last night's debate, the people Hillary most passionately and eloquently defended were illegal immigrants and Muslims. She lied about her stance on the Second Amendment. She lied about how she changed her tone on the "Irredeemable deplorables" statement. She did what she does: if her mouth was opened, she was lying. She believes she is entitled to the throne. She thinks America owes it to her.

I don't know about the #NeverTrump thing. But I am down with #NeverHillary, brothers and sisters.

She is completely nonplussed that this is any sort of contest at all. How can Americans actually entertain a cartoon character like Trump and make this a close race?

Rather than being informed by this fact and doing an honest self-evaluation, she is instead totally disgusted...with you.


My question is with whom are you disgusted? For whom will YOU vote? Please poll here...

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