Today's Top 10 Social Media observations | The Greybeard Chronicles

staythirstyHonesty is not the best policy; it is the only policy. In most cases.

Obviously, if your loved one asks your opinion on a new haircut that makes her look like some sort of alien or if she asks how you liked that roast beast you could barely choke down, or whether you like the new dress that reminds you of a table cloth your mom had when you were a kid, you might not want to swallow too much truth serum before answering.

Never hurts to temper the raw truth with a dash of kindness.

Unless you are just an ass who enjoys skewering people in the name of full disclosure. Then, by all means, go ahead and protect your reputation.

Therefore, in the interest of honesty and because these came to me in a vision, here is my...

Top 10 Social Media observations

...on which we can all agree.

Or not.

  1. The grass is always greener on Facebook.
  2. The only thing more annoying than a "friend" who does nothing but complain on social media is a "friend" who NEVER complains.
  3. One bad "selfie" can ruin a whole day.
  4. Camera angles and just-right lighting are a girl's best friend.
  5. Guys, see #4 and don't lie! You do it, too.
  6. It is sad but true that the sum of all political knowledge on FB and Twitter can be expressed in a meme.
  7. One can only fit so much wisdom into 140 characters. Stupidity is another story. (Tweet that!)
  8. The quality of one's day is directly related to the number of FB likes or retweets he or she got.
  9. There is nothing so uproariously hilarious as a meme that reads, "I don't always (fill in the blank), but when I do (fill in the blank.)
  10. The purpose of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, etc is to prove, whether to myself or to others, that mine is a wonderful life after all. Oh, and to stay connected with the people I care about. Yeah. That.

I don't always write about social media, but when I do, I write...stay thirsty for truth, my friends.

(These did not really come to me in a vision, per se.)