They Call Me Mr. Brightside: Finding the Positive in the Negative

Apparently, I am in danger of losing my membership in the Eternal Optimists Club due to my recent less-than-cheery communications. This is an attempt to correct my course. I have decided to list 10 negative things and look on the bright side of each. (I know I can do this.) So here goes...

  1. My truck was stolen, BUT at least no one was in it at the time.
  2. I have not been deployed to a storm since November, BUT my own house has not been hit by one either.
  3. My grandson lives in Colorado, so I cannot just see him any time I want. BUT, I have a grandson and he lives in Colorado.
  4. I am still carrying around 30 pounds more than I want, BUT I am eating well.
  5. I sometimes cannot think of a word I want to use when I am writing, BUT I can usually think of a suitable synonym.
  6. The bright red Chevrolet Cobalt I am driving looks like a blood blister and feels like (after driving my roomy four-door Dodge Ram for five years) I have moved out of a sprawling estate into an economy apartment, BUT the heater and radio work fine, so I can keep warm and listen to the Ticket.
  7. The Cowboys, once again, are not in the Super Bowl, BUT Jerry Jones has decided if we cannot go to the mountain, the mountain will come to year.
  8. My goatee is nearly 100% gray now, negatively impacting my youthful look; BUT the hair on my head seems to be hanging in there
  9. I am not that great at taking life's lemons and making lemonade, BUT I don't really like lemonade that much anyway.
  10. I may be losing my membership in the Eternal Optimists Club, BUT there is always The Jelly of the Month Club, and that is "the gift that keeps on giving."

There. See? I'm Mr. Brightside.

And now, in support of my new outlook, I introduce a fellow optimist and her sweet ukulele...

Isn't she sweet? And doesn't it seem like she almost believes every word of that song?

Keep on the sunny side, friends.

Mr. Brightside, signing off.