The Journey Man: Celebrating seven years and change of not much

cropped-journey.jpg Today is nothing special...and that is a perfect reason to write this little bit of self-indulgence.

I decided this morning over coffee to take a look back at my blogging journey. I discovered that I have been writing about sports, religion, family, faith, politics, and assorted other subjects for more than seven years.

My very first blog post on this site took place on April 12, 2009. It was titled An Easter Message: the Living Among the DeadIt was a remix of a devotional I had written and shared via Morning Manna, an email devotional service I maintained for nearly five years, beginning in 2000. The devotional was, of course, derivative of a sermon I had preached numerous times in various churches.

I suppose, if I had made the blog about something specific like cooking or cock fighting, I might have gained a greater following, or readership, or whatever. Pick something specific and write about it and it is sure to resonate with someone, somewhere on the Internet. If it doesn't, it is REALLY niche.

But I didn't do that.

I decided, instead, to write about whatever was on my mind, whenever I was of a mind to do so. Sometimes, I would crank out three or four blog posts in a week and sometimes I would not do that many in a month or more.

Basically, this blog, like my life and my mind, is all over the road. One post is a poem. Another is a sermon. And then off I go on a political rant. Or a sports rant. Or just some nonsense about nothing.

So, happy 7th anniversary and then some to those of you who have stuck around to see what silliness you can wag your head at next. I celebrate you and your endurance, your indulgence...they are endearing to me.

It is fitting, sitting alone in this study, celebrating an un-anniversary. Doing something like this on the actual anniversary would be too symmetrical and make far too much sense. This is better. It fits this journey, this long and winding road.

So, now I have to shower and go to a Strother family reunion...maybe to learn whether I am an anomaly or a chip off the old block.

'Til we meet again...carry on.


YOURS (truly),

The JourneyMan