The Greybeard Chronicles: Why I said nothing at the moment of truth

What will you do when standing up means standing out? It is easy to talk tough until it is tough to talk. Everybody is ready to do something until something must be done.

 The reason we revere the founders of America is because they pledged everything– their lives, their lands, their liberties– for a cause they believed to be just. They would be branded traitors to the Crown. They would be the objects of the king's ire. They would face the stark reality that their only options were liberty or death.

We respect Martin Luther King because he had a dream and a clarion voice that called for equality, despite the personal cost.

But these are high ideals. These are the standards to which we aspire...unless the cost is too personal and too great.

These were the words hurled at me until I told that man in the mirror to kindly shut his trap. Just because something must be done is no sign I have to do it. Maybe someone should say something, but I don't have to be that someone.

Let someone else do it.

I have troubles of my own and they are enough. Besides, this is all risk and no reward.