The GreyBeard Chronicles: "Do I Disappoint You, God?"

I was speaking with a Christian friend yesterday. She said, "I think I am such a disappointment to God."

To this, I replied, "No, you are not."

It is, I believe, impossible to disappoint God. We may displease Him, but we cannot disappoint Him.

Disappointment is born of unfulfilled expectations. We anticipate a certain day or event going a particular way and when it does not, we are disappointed. We expect another person to say or do a thing or behave a certain way. If they do not, we are disappointed.

But God is omniscient. God knows the end from the beginning. He is not subject to disappointment because He knows exactly what He is in for. He knows what He has in you. He knows your propensities, your proclivities, your defects, your imperfections, your sinful bent. He knows you will fail. He knows you will falter. He knows you will fall short. He knows you will try to do better and mess it up.

Sure He does, or He isn't God at all.

And yet...He loves you without contingencies, without restrictions, without limitations, without conditions.

This is not an invitation to throw caution to the wind and do as you "damn well please," expecting God to take his holy broom and clean up the mess you made. No. If His unconditional love, if His saving grace is not motivation enough for you to live to please Him, it is doubtful you have experienced it at all.

Amazing grace is not a ready-made excuse or super safety net for the willful sinner. It is, instead, the tie that binds the wandering heart to Him. It is the bridge that closes the chasm between holy God and (what would otherwise be) the hopeless sinner.

You are not a disappointment to God. You are, according to Calvary, the apple of His eye.