The Greybeard Chronicles| Christmas, 2011: Too Soon Past

Seven months and counting. That is how long I have been away from home now, working in Mobile, Alabama, doing my thing— or, what passes for "my thing" until I can really do my thing. I came in May and now it is almost January. I would ask where the time went, but a quick check of the mirror and I can see its tracks on my face.

Christmas this year was a blur. It fell on Sunday, which is always cool. What better day to celebrate the birth of our Lord than on the day the church has commonly called "the Lord's Day?"


We all have a plane to catch in this land where we are always chasing— but never quite catching— that place we call Tomorrow.


Friday morning, early, I was on the first plane out of Mobile. By 7:30am, I was in DFW and ready to spend the day with Momma Claus doing that last-minute Christmas shopping thing. By day's end, we had scored an iPad 2 and a puppy, which was pretty cool, since the first represented the hottest new thingamajig on the market and the second represented one of the most cliched Christmas gifts of all time.

We had all of our bases covered and still had plenty of time for a nice evening at home with the girls and Ty David, the world's number one coolest grandboy.

The pace seemed to pick up from there. We were so busy, I hardly noticed my Dallas Cowboys spitting the bit in yet another December contest— this time on Christmas eve. The Christmas eve service went by in a blur. Then, it was Christmas morning and we were tearing into the gift-wrapped bounty under our tree, trying on our new clothes, trying out our new gadgets, getting dressed and heading out to Donya's sister's for just a little bit.

Ah, but the flights back to Mobile on Monday were not looking good. They were all "red," which has nothing to do with Rudolph's nose and everything to do with the color American Airlines turns a flight on its website when the chances of a non-revenue standby scoring a seat on a plane are slim and none.

But I had to be back to work bright and early Tuesday morning.

What to do?

Fly out Christmas night.

It was fun while it lasted. But, my friend, it never lasts quite long enough. And that is the point of my story. That is its moral. Live in the moment while you can. Savor the moment. Seize the moment. It is only a moment and then it is a memory.

We all have a plane to catch in this land where we are always chasing— but never quite catching— that place we call Tomorrow.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and pray 2012 is for you a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.

God bless you.