Remember When...?

Remember when K-Mart was cool and you had never heard or thought of the word Wal-Mart? I do.

Remember the big Montgomery Ward store in Fort Worth and how cool it was when your parents took you there around Christmas time and you got to try out the newest six-shooters and ride on the escalator?

I do.

Remember Pong? (I mean the cool Pong that you would find down at the Dairy Mart, where each player used a roller ball to move his "paddle" and you tore your hands up playing it for hours and hours.)

I do.

Remember when you had never heard of video games, but the 7-11 store had the latest, super-cool pinball machine?

I do.

Remember when you had never heard the word megabyte?

Remember when a megabyte was a massive unit of measurement and if you had a computer that had a few of them, you were in business?

Remember when megabytes became tiny and gigabytes became essential?

I do.

Remember when you couldn't have random memories run through your head and decide to write them in your blog and then, with the push of a button, annoy all your Facebook pals with them?

I do...vaguely.

Remember when you were blogging and you thought, Hey, a Dr Pepper would really hit the spot and you went to get one? (BRB)...And then your wife gives you a look that seems to say, "Hey, Big Boy, mix in a diet drink every now and then."

Remember that?