My End of the World Speech Postponed Until Further Notice | Merry Christmas, Y'All

Cousin Gene

It's (not) the end of the world!

I was going to give an end of the world address before December 21st, but then I thought that if the world ended on the 21st, it would hardly be worth the effort.

So, I didn't.

Since the world has not yet ended and there is no official word on when it will, I have decided to postpone the speech until further notice.

In fact, I think I will forgo the entire thing and refer everyone to The Revelation of Jesus Christ by the Apostle John.

That done, on this 24th day of December, I will turn my attention to other matters.

My Christmas Eve Speech

Fill in the blank: "It's the most _____________ time of the year."

What word did you use? Stressful? Commercialized? Overrated?

Bah? Humbug?

Or did you answer "Wonderful?" "Joyful?" "Blessed?"

Truth is, for most of us, all of those words apply at one time or another.

When you put so much stock, so much hope, so much emphasis on a single day, it can be difficult for that day to meet your expectations.

At the moment, at least.

But then, look back.

Look back on Christmases past and what do you see? You remember those moments and those people you may have failed to fully appreciate when you were actually there. Overrated moments, stressful family gatherings, Christmas blahs and blues become precious memories.

Vance Havner used to say, "Distance lends enchantment to the view."

That is true.

It is also true that we need perspective. Life is, in a real sense, a matter of perspective.

I could tell you to remember the reason for the season and to remember the One Whose birth it is we celebrate. But you already know that is the right thing to do.


You have it for your Facebook status or you have "liked" it on someone else's. You have tweeted and re-tweeted it. You have posted it on Pinterest and implied it on Instagram. You have even trumpeted it on Tumblr.

So, I won't repeat it here.

Instead, I will simply suggest you try to experience Christmas this year the way you want to remember it next year and 10 or 20 years from now. I will suggest you focus on giving more than the things you bought on Black Friday or (if you are like me) will buy today.

Give that gift God wrapped in your flesh. Give the stocking He stuffed with his Goodness and stamped with his image.

Give yourself.

And then, have yourself...

a merry little Christmas now.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine...

Oh, what fun...In a 350HP sleigh


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