McDonald's, McChrystal, And Miscellaneous Mish-Mash

I haven't ranted in awhile... What exactly constitutes news? The local Fox channel lead their nine o'clock news last night with some inane story about a guy who looks like a character from Deliverance complaining that a McDonald's talking toy taught his kid a cuss word.

His little boy said some four-letter word and the man was aghast. He asked the kid where he learned the word, so the little cusser handed him the toy. The man listened to it and then promptly contacted McDonald's. (Apparently, he contacted Fox 4, as well.)

The toy in question is a talking plastic replica of The Three Pigs from the movie Shrek. They played the toy's voice thingamajig during the news story and the news anchors had the same giant question mark over their head I had over mine. You couldn't understand a single word the thing said. If that kid is repeating those pigs, he doesn't need to be scolded for saying dirty words; he needs a speech therapist.


I am no Obama supporter...not on any level at any time for anything. I suspect that if I find out he likes Dr. Pepper, I will even give that up. Still, General Stanley McChrystal, a lifetime soldier holding the highest rank and filling one of the nation's most vital roles, knew better than to trash his Commander in Chief in, of all things, Rolling Stone magazine.

Men like McChrystal are trained not to make rash decisions. They are trained to weigh their words and their options. I cannot help but think he had a very specific reason for throwing King Obama under the bus. I am not sure what it was, but here are a few possibilities:

  • He is simply that fed up with the Keystone Cops routine of the current administration when it comes to foreign affairs, especially the kind that cost American soldiers their lives;
  • Or, he dislikes arrogance and he doesn't like ignorance, but when he sees them combined in a single face and that face hanging on every Post Office wall in the country, he sees red;
  • Or, he was willing to fall on his sword in order to call attention to the state of incompetence in the White House and the desperate need for some wisdom on handling a very difficult war;
  • Or, he was drunk;
  • Or, he plans to write a book;
  • Or, he plans a run at the White House himself;
  • Or...all of the above.


You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd,
But you can be happy if you've a mind to.


Can someone please explain the discrepancy between the state of highways in the northern Dallas/Fort Worth suburbs and the ones in, say, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Duncanville, DeSoto, etc? Frisco gets George Bush Turnpike and I am stuck with Highway 360 and the butt end of 161?

We are people, too, you know. Bastards.

(I learned that word from one of the Three Pigs, but I can't remember if it was Pelosi, Reid, or Captain O.)


I don't know exactly when U.S. General Phillip Henry Sheridan said, "If I owned Hell and Texas, I would live in Hell and rent out Texas," but I am guessing it was sometime around the end of June, first of July.