Liberal Logic 101: An update based on current events

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In light of current events, I offer you an updated version of Liberal Logic 101.

Iran, Chattanooga, Caitlin Jenner, Rebel flag, Israel, Islam, courage... here we go.

  • Babies are blobs of tissue until they have passed ALL the way through the birth canal, but they do contain body parts that can be sold for $30 to $100 a pop to help generate some profit for a nonprofit, government-subsidized abortion factory.

  • The best way to fight violent crime is to disarm law-abiding citizens and create gun-free zones AND make sure the bad guys know just where guns are NOT allowed.
  • Virginia's Civil War battle flag is evil, praise Allah!
  • Fiscal responsibility means spend money on frivolous and/or questionable ventures and then tax the devil out of the populace. It's not Tax and Spend, dummies. It's SPEND and TAX.
  • Negotiation strategies when dealing with radical regimes hoarse from screaming, DEATH TO AMERICA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! Give them everything they want. Don't hold them actually accountable for anything. Assume they will tell you the truth, which they never have, not once.

  • Islam is peace; Israel is evil.
  • Real "courage" is best exemplified when a person is confused about his sexuality and has a Histrionic Personality Disorder AND finds a way to satisfy his urge for sexual deviance and become the center of attention once again.

  • If it is obviously right, say it is wrong. if it is obviously deviant, evil, or immoral, call it right, call it good, call it...courage.