Islam to Christianity: "I Will See Your Nut-Case and Raise You 100,000"

The kinder, gentler Christians all berate "pastor" Terry Jones for misrepresenting Christian charity with his hateful act of burning the Quran or Koran or whatever they call that "holy" book that stimulates so much hatred in so many around the world.

Other Christians feel that using the thing for kindling in the coming winter may be the only viable use it has, but still, Mr. Jones is way too focused on entirely the wrong thing.

Still others think he is an attention-starved nobody who just got his 15 minutes in the sun...and may get severely burned by it.

I think Terry Jones just isn't too bright. He is a religious zealot whose ignorance generates much more heat than light. He is typical of what happens when an ignorant man with a small mind heeds "the call of God" on his life. Maybe when God told him to go plow in his fields or bring in the sheaves, he was actually referring to farming.

Still, I find it extremely telling that the severest warnings from around the world have to do with the reaction of Muslims to this one goofy man's action. Does it not tell you everything you need to know about the general state of Islam that the entire world is holding its collective breath, fully expecting rioting, murders, bombings, beheadings, and assorted random acts of violence from thousands and maybe even millions of Muslims because some pinhead preacher of a tiny church in Florida says he is going to burn their bible?

Take this typical reaction from a Muslim leader, as reported by for example:

Hamas leader Ismail Haniya called Jones a "religious criminal" and a "retard that expresses a Western-retarded mentality" that targets the Quran, Islam, and Muslims. Speaking in Gaza at the start of the Eid holiday, Haniya said, "I call upon God the merciful, if they want to rip the Quran, for God to rip them apart and their state and make them an example for the believers."

Kind of makes you want to chant, "Takes one to know one," doesn't it? Is this not the pot calling the kettle black? And how about that business of "God the merciful," upon whom he calls to destroy an entire nation over one little retard's actions?

Oh, such brotherhood! Such harmony!

Christians have their kooks, no doubt. But for every kooky Christian there are a few thousand who are not beady-eyed, hate-mongering, frothing at the mouth, and downright dangerous. I suppose some would say the same is true of Muslims. Maybe it is. Maybe their radicals are a real small minorty...but they sure make a lot more noise and appear to occupy much higher places in their society, do they not? I mean, come on, one pastor of thirty people on this side and the leader of Hamas on the other?

And let's not forget Iran and the Taliban nauseum.

So, what is my position on the matter? I believe Jones has the right to burn whatever book he pleases, just as the Imam has the theoretical right to build his Mosque under what ought to still be the shadow of the now-long-gone twin towers. But sometimes the "right" to do a thing does not make it the right thing to do. There is nothing to be gained by burning Korans. No souls will be saved as a result. No one will come to Jesus or see the light of the gospel. It is a counter-productive, mean-spirited, small-minded thing to do.

So, I'm agin' it.

That said, I still don't buy the idea that "Islam is peace." Even if we arrested Mr. Jones and sentenced him to life in prison in order to appease the hateful terrorists we have come to fear so much that it impacts our every move as a nation, they would still hate us and want us dead. That is what their holy book calls for. If you don't believe me, ask them what "God the merciful" really means.