Hip Shots

Blackie Sherrod, One of my favorite old-time newspaper columnists, wrote a column of random observations for the Dallas Morning News . He called it Scatter-Shooting. In the column, he would offer a collection of observations, opinions, and news items that were completely unrelated. Since imitation is the finest form of flattery, I tip my hat to the old scribe and here we go... Congratulations are in order to the slim majority of American voters. The man you elected to put an end to the American system of government as we have known it is moving right along. While he diligently works on creating a nationalized banking system, he has happily accepted the role of chairman of the board for America's largest auto maker. That fat arse sitting on the tax-payer's shoulder just got fatter...and he isn't going on a diet any time soon.p1010838

Is anyone besides me weary of the herd mentality? Whether it is reality TV, sports, or church-building, let one group have success with a formula and suddenly everyone is adopting the formula. Is it really essential to the success of your reality TV show to have at least one judge or host with a British accent? Is the Wildcat offense really that innovative, or is it just a glorified high school option play that defenses will soon stuff with regularity, and then watch while it is tossed on the heaping pile of tricked-up offenses that could never last? Is successful church-building really based on replicating the flavor-of-the-month preacher or church? And what exactly is successful church-building anyway?

I love Lucky brand jeans. I have owned three pair and each has fit and felt great. The problem is this: I cannot get my mind around paying 150 bucks or so for a pair of blue jeans. So, I shop Costco and Sam's and Nordstrom Rack with the small hope that I will find them at a price most rational humans would consider reasonable.

It is an incredibly gratifying thing to have one of your kids demonstrate maturity and wisdom and, in effect, become your counselor.

Toilet paper should be rolled from over the top.

I was recently nominated for the Piss and Moan About Everything Club. Those nominating me were pissing and moaning about how I piss and moan.