He's Brent Musburger (Old people are funny)

brentIf you are not old enough to remember that long before ESPN ruled the sports world (or was even invented),–when CBS had NFC games, NBC covered the AFC, and ABC had Monday Night Football; when Brent Musburger was the smooth, never-a-queue-or-muss-a-word original host of the CBS studio show, The NFL Today –then you are forbidden to laugh at this clip of Brent Musburger, at the start of the 2013 BCS Championship game, identify himself as his partner and his partner as himself... [embedplusvideo height="300" width="450" editlink="http://bit.ly/1cNCcSs" standard="http://www.youtube.com/v/u6maRo7MBSI?fs=1" vars="ytid=u6maRo7MBSI&width=450&height=300&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep8501" /]

The reason you are forbidden to laugh at Brent's funny old man goof-up is that if you are too young to remember his greatness, then all you know him as is a doddering old man who overstates everything and misstates lots of things in the course of a broadcast.

The look on Kirk Herbstreit's face is priceless.

I laughed so hard, I spewed tea out my nose.

brent-oldBecause I am allowed.

Because I remember.

Because, by Jiminy, I can identify.

Like Brent, I made my living talking to people. I never had the audience he's had, but I had an audience. And there was a time when I could deliver a sermon like Machine Gun Kelly in a firefight and never miss a word or turn a bad phrase. I could stop and spin on a verbal dime. I could soar with the eagles and plunge the depths, ebb and flow, shout and whisper.

A wordsmith with a smooth delivery.

At least that is the way I remember it. If you remember it differently, keep your yap shut.

These days, however, like Brent, my thoughts cannot keep up with my mouth or my mouth with my thoughts.

I haven't called any of my daughters by the right name on the first try in like five years or so.

I have become my grandmother, who used to call the roll every time she addressed a family member. I have been called "David, Freda, Don, Wayne, Troy....oh! Gene!" at least a million times.

That was my grandmother on my mom's side. The one I named Granky and the whole world called her that.

Then there was my granddad on my dad's side. We called him Little Granddad. He lived with us a lot in his old age. I was about 16 when I woke one night to the sound of something splattering on the wall. He had gotten up to pee and took a wrong turn.

I said, "Granddad?!"

And he said, "Oh, #%^*!!!"

Old people are funny and it is ok to laugh with them, because if you are lucky, you will be one pretty soon and get your come-uppance. If you are unlucky, I guess you got your come-uppance anyway. So, go ahead. Laugh.


Now where did I lay my glasses? I am done typing and reading and can use them again.