Happiness according to King David - a Devotional | Morning Manna

MONDAY, MAY 8, 2000 (with updates on 5/2/2017) "HAPPINESS IS..."

He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper. Psa. 1:3 (NKJV)

In this verse, David gives four distinct characteristics of the blessed (happy, meaningful) life...

  1. A stable life ("like a tree...") - The blessed person is stable. His belief system is rooted and grounded firmly in the Word of God. He is unmoved by the winds of change or adversity. He knows what he believes and why. He is strong because his soul is planted in a good place, where there is plenty of nourishment.
  2. A productive life ("brings forth fruit in its season") - The blessed person knows his life has value. He may spend a long while toiling. There may be periods when it seems that there is no reward for his efforts. But when the season is right his branches will be full of good fruit. He will become a source of nourishment for those he loves and influences. He will see the fruits of his labors in their faces and know that his life has value.
  3. A lasting influence ("his leaf shall not wither") - Anyone who has ever spent a summer in Texas knows the value of a good shade tree. What a blessing it is on a hot summer day to lean against the trunk of a big Oak tree and just feel the breeze on your face. Green leaves speak of life, of vibrancy. I don't remember if it was a book or a movie, but I recall a scene of an old man dying. As he neared the end he looked at his wife, who stood faithfully beside him, holding his hand. He said, "Just tell me that I mattered." We all want to live a life that matters. The blessed life does. The green leaves of a godly life still provide comfort and peace long after we have gone to the grave. Just look at David. He died thousands of years ago. And here we are, resting against the trunk of the Psalms, refreshed by the green leaves of a life well-lived.
  4. A prosperous life ("whatever he does shall prosper") Wow! What a promise! Real success is to be found in living for God. It cannot be measured in dollars and cents. We often think of wealthy people in terms of their "net worth." We ask, "What's he worth?" The answer may range from the millions to the billions. But if that is the measure of a life, what is it really worth? Wouldn't you rather know that the success you enjoy in your life is the result of God's blessing? The blessed person is a happy, content, well-adjusted person.

I mean this in the fullest sense of the phrase: GOD BLESS YOU.

A Prayer for Today: "Heavenly Father, I want my relationship to you to be one of joy, not necessity. I know You love me and want the best for me. Help me to know You better. Teach me the joy that comes from loving and living Your Word. Amen."