"Gimme a 'B'! Gimme an 'S'!" This Blogger Takes on Corporate Greed and Customer Satisfaction

We interrupt regularly-scheduled programming to call BS on a few business items of local and international interest... ♠First, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and all the rancor over corporate greed is BS.

Surely, by now, you have seen the doctored photo that pretty much says it all?

If not, here it is:









♣Second, I would like to call BS on what passes for corporate benevolence and generosity.

Don't you love it when the place you work sells you t-shirts, charges you to dress comfortably, shames you into supporting this cause or that...all so they can garner good press?

Here's an idea: If you own or manage some company and you feel strongly about supporting a cause, if said cause strikes a cord in your soul or hits close to home for you, then haul out your own dadgum checkbook and support it.

When it comes to money exchanging hands between employer and employee, that ought to be pretty much a one-way street.

♥Third, I am calling BS on the notion that the customer is always right.

Suppose the customer is an idiot? Or an A-hole? Or misinformed? Or just plain impossible to please? Isn't it a travesty that a customer may be certifiably insane or dumb as a sack of hammers, but can file a complaint and land a perfectly good employee in hot water with management?

I say we equip the complaint department with IQ tests, lie detector equipment and a firing squad.

(Well, maybe not a firing squad.)

♦Fourth, I am calling BS on people that blog just because they have to get their opinion on everything out there for everyone to see.

Oh wait...