Brexit, Baby! Give me liberty or give me death!


"Love your neighbor, but put up a fence." ~Russian proverb

With the globalists stunned by the will of the British people to take control of their own lives again, there will be doomsday reports of a worldwide crash. Everything is falling apart. The American news agencies ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, et al (aka, the media arm of the Socialist Democratic Party) will pronounce doom and gloom and do their best to make their proclamations prophetic. They will stir the pot of panic because it sells their product and it serves their purpose.

Europe’s failings — and they have been conspicuous over the past decade — are simply not sufficient to explain what Britain has done to itself. This was a vote against the global economic and social order that the first 16 years of the 21st century have produced. Where it leads is unclear. The worst is not inevitable but it is plausible. Britain will remain an important power. But it will punch beneath its weight. It faces serious, long-term political and economic risk. - Roger Cohen, NY Times

 Globalists are furious. Someone dared shake their fist in the face of these internationalists, these one-worlders who thirst for global power, absolute control, and unprecedented wealth. These are predators who count on the stupidity of the people over whom they desire to lord. (And that stupid prey includes the airheads spat out by institutions of higher learning, armed with socialist/globalist indoctrination and shoved in front of a camera with their makeup, hairspray, and bleeding hearts all intact.)

Fences make good neighbors. They set boundaries and impose order by restraint. Come what may, I support the spirit of the British. It is a spirit that Americans once held more dear than life itself.

"The euroseptic genie is out of the bottle and it will not be put back." ~Nigel Farage

#Brexit baby.

 "Give me liberty or give me death."