An American Socialist? That is Just Plain Stupid!

Stupidity amazes me. I can stare dumbfounded, slack-jawed and wide-eyed at it for hours. It has the same hypnotic effect on my brain as a good magic trick or optical illusion. You know you should know better than to believe it, but there it is right before  your eyes.

Socialists are stupid.

Can there be any other conclusion? Sure, many of them are driven by high ideals. They envision a world where everyone everywhere is equally wealthy, healthy and wise. They seek a kind of heaven on earth, a Utopia, where "all God's children" drive Mercedes' and live on room service.

(Wait! If everyone is living on room service, then who is providing the room service? Hmmmm.)

It isn't like the great Socialist experiment hasn't been tried. Or have we forgotten the 20th Century even before we are two decades into the 21st? Didn't we watch Russia try this? Wasn't Cuba sort of into it, as well? And isn't Miami rather replete with the descendants of those desperate enough to risk life and limb to get off that Island of Misery?

The failure of Socialism is in its implementation. How does one spread the wealth? Well, you have to take from those who have and distribute to those who have not. I do not mean you rely on the charity of the haves. God knows, you cannot do that. You have to forcibly separate them from what they have. Tax 'em 'til their eyes bleed, baby.

Never mind that most of them got what they have through years of tireless planning, hard work, ingenuity, providing products and/or services that keep society not only running but advancing. (Okay, a few of them inherited it and some of them swindled their way to it, but by and large, the haves are haves because they have something most don't...and I don't mean money.) Never mind that your heavy taxing will ultimately bring down the haves, that it will stunt economic growth, that it will quell ambition.

Never mind that you take away any incentive the have nots ever had to make a viable contribution to society, to make an effort to "pick themselves up by their own boot straps." Why bother when someone else will earn it and you can spend it?

Never mind that the inevitable failure of this economic scheme will result in the "necessary" expansion of government, in government's take-over of industry. Never mind that, ultimately, Socialism leads to the place where the true haves— the ones with all of the power and most of the money— are those in charge of the federal government.

Never mind that the failed socialist experiment creates a desperate national atmosphere where those calling for "desperate measures" write into law the virtual enslavement of the people, restricting rights, mandating conformity, turning citizens into serfs.

Want to really see a place where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the flickering candle of  hope that anyone on the poor side could ever bridge the broadening chasm between themselves and the wealthy (aka, the middle class) is forever, inexorably snuffed? Keep electing socialists like Barack Obama.

That would be— for lack of a kinder, gentler word— just plain stupid.