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Comments Policy 

Got something to say? OK! Unless…

  1. You are a spammer. There is a special place in Hell for you. Hurry on to it.

  2. You are a scammer. See above.

  3. You are a screamer. I don’t mind banter and repartee. I welcome it. I agree to disagree as long as we can keep from being too disagreeable.

  4. You are a scalawag. Cussing like a sailor will not do. Not here. This is PG only.

How to proceed with feedback

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  2. Share your heart.

  3. State your beliefs.

  4. Spread the love.

  5. Show your knowledge, insight, or wisdom

Your comments are welcome. Kudos. Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Corrections. “Amen” or “Oh, my.” Let’s talk it out and learn from one another.

I love nothing more than to know something I have written has evoked an emotion or provoked a discussion.

Hit me with your best shot. Fire away.