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Things I Ain’t

I ain’t never been nowhere I didn’t go to get there I ain’t never done a thing I didn’t do [br] I ain’t never spoke a word I didn’t think of And hardly thought a word I didn’t say [br] I...

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Love is not a poem

[br] Love is not a feeling but nothing feels better than to love and be loved [br] Love is not an emotion but the emotions run wild, soar and ebb because of love [br] Love is not an action but no one springs to action like the...

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9/11: One Moment, Please

One silent moment A thing so small To offer those Whose loss was all.   One wordless prayer One teary eye One more bowed knee One last goodbye   One vow that we Whose hearts beat still Have not forgot And never will   One still,...

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Come See About Me—A Call to Action

Come See About Me I’m a fatherless child ‘Cause my Daddy’s gone; I’m a widowed woman, Now on my own; I’m a disabled child, Watching other kids play; I’m a man on the street, Who’s lost his way; I’m an overwhelmed Dad With bills...

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