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Things I Ain’t

I ain’t never been nowhere I didn’t go to get there I ain’t never done a thing I didn’t do [br] I ain’t never spoke a word I didn’t think of And hardly thought a word I didn’t say [br] I...

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Love is not a poem

[br] Love is not a feeling but nothing feels better than to love and be loved [br] Love is not an emotion but the emotions run wild, soar and ebb because of love [br] Love is not an action but no one springs to action like the...

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Come See About Me—A Call to Action

Come See About Me I’m a fatherless child ‘Cause my Daddy’s gone; I’m a widowed woman, Now on my own; I’m a disabled child, Watching other kids play; I’m a man on the street, Who’s lost his way; I’m an overwhelmed Dad With bills...

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