I have always been a great fan of good quotes. Occasionally, I have been a contributor and not just a consumer. Since I can never remember what I said, I have decided to record a few things here. I know it is the ultimate show of self-importance to quote oneself.

But hey! If I won’t quote me, who will?

If you read one quote and it disagrees with another, do not be surprised. I am an emotional creature. I do not always agree with me and I don’t expect you to, either. But if you quote me, don’t misquote me.

I detest plagiarism and will never intentionally plagiarize. It is, however, possible that I will say or write something believing it to be an “original” (there is no such thing, but that is another story) thought, when in fact, it is something I heard somewhere in the past and my brain stored it and then fooled me by making me believe it came up with it and sent it to my tongue. My brain is like that, I suspect. But I cannot prove it, because it is always just beyond my analytical grasp.

If you catch me at it, just nudge me. Don’t judge me.

Until further notice, these Yours Truly quotes will be random and in no particular order. That could change.

Maybe somewhere in these fields of Folly you will find a nugget of Truth. I will tell you what I think and I will strive to think before I tell you, but…

I shall be anonymous no more.

And now, allow me to quote…me…

Sometimes you get to find where you fit. Other times, you gotta fit where you’re found. Either way, it’s a tight fit.- Facebook 3/24/17

Listen, Class. Every class needs a Little Johnny and every Johnny needs a little class.- Facebook 3/23/17

Extraordinary only exists because of ordinary. If every event or moment were extraordinary, none of them would be. Life is mostly made up of the mundane. If you can find value in putting extraordinary effort into ordinary things, you, my friend, ARE extraordinary. – LinkedIn/FaceBook/Twitter 8/19/2016

Too many stand where they should kneel and kneel where they should stand. Get it right, and you find strength beyond your own. Get it wrong and even your strength is weakness. – Facebook 8/17/2016, after reading news articles and social media feeds for an hour or so.

The trouble with social media is that when it is the last place you ought to be, it’s the first place you want to go. – Facebook 9/8/2015, after learning I would NOT be getting a desired promotion.

If you are one of those people who only does what is expected when it is inspected, take a moment to reconcile this fact: You won’t ever make a real difference or leave any kind of worthwhile legacy. – Facebook, 8/18/2015

The “narrative” always trumps the truth in a PC society. Facebook, 7/23/15

“What will you do when standing up means standing out? It is easy to talk tough until it is tough to talk. Everybody is ready to do something until something must be done.” ~Written 2/8/12

 Don’t miss the next flight just because you missed the last train.” ~Written 1/1/12

“We all have a plane to catch in this land where we are always chasing— but never quite catching— that place we call Tomorrow.” ~Written 12/26/2011

I do not choose this road I take; it chooses me by the choices I make. ~Written on 11/19/2011

 “Here’s to the bitter loser. Good losers are usually good losers.” ~Written on 10/29/2011, the morning after the Texas Rangers lost their second consecutive World Series.

“Almost is the bitterest pill of all.” ~10/28/2011, after the Texas Rangers came within one strike of winning the World Series…twice.

“I have been reflecting on the question: Which is worse? Too much reflection or none at all?” ~10/18/2011

“A powerful way to dismiss someone whose interests disinterest you or whose opinion differs from yours? Tell them to ‘Get a life.'” ~10/16/2011, Dedicated to Junior Miller of the Musers on the Ticket, after he responded to my goading him on Twitter about the Oklahoma Sooners by suggested that I “get a life.” (This from a man whose “life” consists of talking about sports.)

“Alabama ain’t bad, but home is still Sweet Home.” ~10/8/2011, after more than five months away from home while working in Mobile, Alabama, with apologies to the group Alabama and their classic, Sweet Home Alabama.

“Sometimes it IS the size of the dog in the fight.” ~8/18/2011

“I wear this holster to keep from losing my phone. I know it isn’t cool. I quit worrying about cool a ways back. Know what I haven’t quit worrying about? Losing my phone.” ~6/25/2011, to all the smart aleck kids.

“If you tell everything you know, it is doubtful you know anything worth telling.” ~A long time ago in a place far, far away.

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