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The Greybeard Chronicles: The Prince of Thieves in the Land of Venti

Once upon a time (this morning), in a land far, far away (Mobile, Alabama), a handsome young prince – or pauper, if you will (yours truly), journeyed (by pickup) to a dark swamp in a dense forest (Starbucks) where highway robbers lurched in waiting (behind the counter) to pounce on unsuspecting innocents (customers too stupid […]

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The Greybeard Chronicles: Obama, Elvis, Jesus and Me

President Obama said that Congress needs to get busy serving the American people, rather than campaigning for the next election. He said this WHILE in IOWA, where he was CAMPAIGNING for the next election. Meanwhile, Rick Perry, the Texas Ken doll of a governor, whom I suppose I am supposed to love because he is […]

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