Month: July 2017

The 60-Year Wedding Anniversary: A Milestone for the Mighty in Love

Tommy and Mary Weir, my in-laws (for 37 years and counting), are celebrating 60 years of marriage this very day. SIXTY! YEARS. This is a milestone not many of us will pass. You gotta get it right if you wanna get it done. To make it 60, you have to marry fairly young and really well and then each of you will need to live a good long while. Moreover, think about the level of commitment required. In 60 years, you will run smack into more than a few heartaches, heart breaks, hardships, defeats, discouragements, disappointments. You will trudge to the...

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Dear Mom, Thanks for the benefit of the doubt

I woke up this morning thinking about my mother…Mom, I call her. I think it was the residual thoughts of a dream I dreamt, but it slipped into the recesses of subconscious and disappeared in the fog of fading memory. I can no longer confirm that I dreamed of her or dreamed at all. At any rate, I woke. I woke, hearing in my head (or maybe my heart) her perfect alto voice. In my vision, she is at her familiar perch at the upright piano to the left (your left if you are in the pew, facing the front of...

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