Month: June 2017

A Father’s Day Remembrance: Little Granddad – the dad who almost wasn’t I have honored the dads in my life just about every year around Father’s Day. My own father, William David Strother, died at age 51, when I was 30 and left a million memories of my childhood and a million more what-ifs behind. My wife’s father, Thomas Henry Weir, now 80 and still spry, still sharp, still shooting close to his age in golf, and still as good and godly a father and figurehead as any family might hope to have has been a second dad to me. My maternal grandfather, William Austin Henager, the Old Testament prophet-like figure...

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A word about truth, perception, and perspective

Truth, perception, and perspective — this may be a subject too large to tackle here. Let’s attempt it anyways. I am settling back into the routine of my life following an eventful week that started with the funeral of a 21-year-young lady—the daughter and sister of dear friends—taken suddenly and without warning in a tragic accident. The week commenced with a planned getaway with my wife to the breathtaking mountains, grasslands, vistas, and monuments of South Dakota. Reflecting on a week marked by seemingly unanswerable questions and unquestionable answers, I am compelled to consider how we impact reality by perception and...

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