Month: September 2016

A Birthday New Year’s Resolution -or- 101 reasons to celebrate

What a week it’s been! I have 101 reasons to celebrate life right now. Last Friday, my baby girl got married to the love of her life and started that incredible journey called marriage. It was a beautiful wedding, well attended, and pulled off without a hitch. I had the privilege of preaching the charge and officiating the vows, which means I have both given away in marriage and solemnized the vows for all three of my girls. How could you top that? Well, I can’t and I don’t want to. But I can add a cherry on top of the delicious red velvet wedding cake my wife made and my gifted cake guy son-in-law decorated (with an assist from his wife). You see, today started the new fiscal year for me. I turned 55 yesterday (which was the speed limit when I got my driver’s license back in 1977). I remember how depressed I was when I turned 40, feeling all “I haven’t accomplished anything much and here I am at mid-life.” What a dumb kid I was then. Celebrate hitting the speed limit, but no speed bumps Fifty-five seems like one of those watershed numbers for reasons I can’t quite put my arms around. Maybe it is the impressive double-nickel plating. Maybe it’s knowing that those two fives don’t make a 10, you have to make your...

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It’s the Journey, Man! or, Welcome to Walley World, now go home

One of my favorite Hollywood comedies is National Lampoon’s Vacation. I love it because it is such an accurate caricature of life in the American family and because most of us who have been around a minute can identify with the characters and their misfortunes. There is this epic journey to Walley World, with mishap after hilarious mishap along the way, and when they finally arrive at the place of their dreams…     So, I wrote this on my Facebook page this morning… Enjoy the journey, because the destination is often disappointing. With my youngest set to get married...

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