Month: July 2016

The Journey Man: Celebrating seven years and change of not much Today is nothing special…and that is a perfect reason to write this little bit of self-indulgence. I decided this morning over coffee to take a look back at my blogging journey. I discovered that I have been writing about sports, religion, family, faith, politics, and assorted other subjects for more than seven years. My very first blog post on this site took place on April 12, 2009. It was titled An Easter Message: the Living Among the Dead. It was a remix of a devotional I had written and shared via Morning Manna, an email devotional service I maintained for nearly five years, beginning...

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Remember Franklin’s 13 Virtues | Make America Great Again

Donald Trump, the petulant presumed Republican candidate and the lesser of two evils, is campaigning on the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” That’s great. What is sad, however, is Trump’s idea of what made America great in the first place. I will tell you this much: It was not his brand of bombastic narcissism. It was not chest-thumping and self-aggrandizement. How to make America Great Again If you want to make America great again, look not to conservative-come-lately Donald Trump or the entitled globalist Hillary Clinton. No! Look way back to one of the driving forces of the establishment...

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