Month: June 2016

Brexit, Baby! Give me liberty or give me death!

how to order Pregabalin “Love your neighbor, but put up a fence.” ~Russian proverb With the globalists stunned by the will of the British people to take control of their own lives again, there will be doomsday reports of a worldwide crash. Everything is falling apart. The American news agencies ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, et al (aka, the media arm of the Socialist Democratic Party) will pronounce doom and gloom and do their best to make their proclamations prophetic. They will stir the pot of panic because it sells their product and it serves their purpose. Europe’s failings — and they have been...

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Unexceptional beginnings? Don’t stay where you started!

prednisolone price us is an exceptional tool for learning how unexceptional you really are. Like most people around my age, I spend more time thinking about roots and origins and the “old times” than I did, say, 20 years ago. Can it, then, be a surprise that, when the opportunity to pop my family name into an search box popped up on my Facebook timeline, I did so? The invitation was to search the meaning of your surname. Heck, who hasn’t asked himself at some point, “What the heck is a ‘Strother’?” I know I have. So, here I go. Hang on....

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Insanity revisited, or Life in Review

I like Randy Travis. I know he fell hard and landed naked on the side of a north Texas road, broke and broken by a life he hadn’t found a way to keep up with. I like his song, “1982,” because it resonates with my soul. Now, it is about a love lost, but I feel it more as time lost, opportunity lost, what might have been never actually being… I like this line from the song: “They say hindsight’s 20/20, but I’m nearly going blind…” I have not literally been found in the condition Randy was, but I...

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Muhammad Ali – The Greatest that ever lived has died. Or…has he?

I did not like anything Muhammad Ali stood for in life. I will not pretend I did now that he is dead. I detested his arrogance and cowardice (when it comes to military service for his country). He was anti-America, anti-Christ…and, oh, so entertaining. He “danced like a butterfly and stung like a bee.” He fought epic battles with magnificent opponents. He captured the attention of a generation and was immortalized by the distinctive tones Howard Cosell. He said he was “the greatest that ever lived.” Yet, for all his dancing like a butterfly, death still stung like a bee....

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