Month: September 2015

Passersby: remembering not to forget those you met along the way Arriving at the office before 8 AM, I am among the first in the BB&T building. The parking lot is empty, except for three or four vehicles strategically parked in the scant shady spots. The early bird gets the shade…and the windshield presents from careless birds. I’m alone on the elevator for the short ride to the top (3rd) floor. Turn on the coffee machine. Drop off my backpack in the office. Head for the kitchen for a coffee cup. Returning from the kitchen and past the reception area, the young man whose name I have never gotten, but with whom...

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Learning Management Skills from Mary Poppins

costo de arcoxia 90 mg Everything I needed to know about management I learned from Mary Poppins. It was the mid-’80s. My two oldest daughters were little girls and Disney Channel was the new player on cable television. Consequently, there was lots of Winnie the Pooh, Robin Hood, Summer Magic…and Mary Poppins being played in our house. My wife and I watched these and other Disney movies with our girls over and over. You can learn a lot from Walt Disney. Turns out, you can learn a lot about management from P.L Travers (author) and Disney’s takes on her seminal character Mary Poppins, who by her...

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