Month: June 2014

After the Storm Mumford and Sons is one of my favorite bands. Tonight, I was listening to”After the Storm” for the umpteenth time and for the first time, I really listened. I was struck by these lyrics in particular: And I won’t die alone and be left thereWell, I guess I’ll just go home, oh God knows whereBecause death is just so full and man so smallWell, I’m scared of what’s behind and what’s before Life is so full of storms and it is lived under the shadow of The Storm we most dread. Death. Its ugly shadow hangs over our fragile lives...

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Some godly men I have known and you should meet

Yesterday, wonderful people from parts of our past stopped by on Facebook to congratulate Donya and me on 34 years of marriage. Just seeing some of the names afforded an opportunity to revisit those places where we left large chunks of our lives and pieces of our hearts. One of the notes was from Cathy Grinolds, the widow of one of the funniest men and finest friends I have ever known. Vic Grinolds was a veteran. He served in Desert Storm. He served his country with pride and selflessness and brought back a couple of battlefield souvenirs for his...

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