Month: December 2013

My 2014 New Year’s Revolution

can you buy gabapentin online reddit Acknowledgement: I want to thank the genius of the AT&T commercial series with the guy interviewing kids for the inspiration behind this genius move. Whereas, The world has too long been plagued by the burden of the New Year’s resolution; And Whereas Said resolutions are always made with the best of intentions and the highest of hopes And Whereas Most NY resolutions fail to make February And Whereas I have seen enough of failure to keep promises to oneself Therefore, Be it hereby known to one and all that in 2014 I am declaring a New Year’s REVOLUTION. Furthermore, I...

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SUNSHINE SOLDIERS | Ye Olde Way-Maker’s Review

aricept 23 mg package insert From 2000 – 2006, I published a weekday devotional via email. It was called The Way-Maker’s Review, and it represented my first Internet ministry efforts. The ministry grew from its original 12 members to over 1,000. I am determined to revisit and re-run some of the devotions from that ministry here on my blog. Partly because they present immutable truths and bear repeating and partly because I want to preserve them, lest they vanish into the oblivion of defunct Internet enterprises. Hopefully, they will be a blessing to some who never saw them in their original format and a...

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Inclement Whether

If you and one more is two many And it’s inclement whether you like it or not If you’d give your last dime for a penny And you’re not really cool, but you’re hot If there’s no rhyme in the words in your pen And no sense in the thoughts in your head If you think of the places you’ve been And just want to go back to bed If they’re over there with theirs And you’re over here with you If they caught you in your unawares And it wasn’t a pass that you threw Come talk to...

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Thank God for the Periodic Table

Strange how the mind works. For no apparent reason, my mind went to the Periodic Table this morning. You know, the one that arranges chemical elements by their atomic numbers and such. Honestly, I never had much of a scientific mind. My interest in it barely went past the chemistry set I asked for and got one long ago Christmas. My failed experiments with that thing might have been the first sign that I was, in fact, chemically imbalanced. That is neither here nor there. Today, though we are past Thanksgiving proper, I find it proper to give thanks…for...

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