Month: September 2013

A little good news today

I write about politics, current events, pop culture, and other disturbing trends on my website, I write about the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL, and other sports topics at Silver and BlueBlood. Frankly, much of what I read and hear and subsequently offer commentary on is negative. It is often disturbing and can even be depressing. I sure could use a little good news today Sometimes, I find myself humming a tune that was popular back in 1983, when I was still a young married husband and father, when I was still working in local church ministry, when I had the world by the tail and my whole life ahead of me. I suspect I did not appreciate this song then. But I do now… The references in the song are 20 years old, but sound current. Some of them even sound tame by today’s standards of debauchery, rebellion, and mayhem. So, I am singing this song over a cup of coffee this morning when another song, older than that one, but more relevant still, comes to mind. It is a song about a story. Actually, it is a song about someone who longs to hear a story. The greatest story ever told. It is a song written by someone who felt she really could use a little good news. Her name was Frances J. Crosby. The world came to know her...

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Today’s Top 10 Social Media observations | The Greybeard Chronicles

Honesty is not the best policy; it is the only policy. In most cases. Obviously, if your loved one asks your opinion on a new haircut that makes her look like some sort of alien or if she asks how you liked that roast beast you could barely choke down, or whether you like the new dress that reminds you of a table cloth your mom had when you were a kid, you might not want to swallow too much truth serum before answering. Never hurts to temper the raw truth with a dash of kindness. Unless you are just an ass who enjoys skewering people in the name of full disclosure. Then, by all means, go ahead and protect your reputation. Therefore, in the interest of honesty and because these came to me in a vision, here is my… Top 10 Social Media observations …on which we can all agree. Or not. The grass is always greener on Facebook. The only thing more annoying than a “friend” who does nothing but complain on social media is a “friend” who NEVER complains. One bad “selfie” can ruin a whole day. Camera angles and just-right lighting are a girl’s best friend. Guys, see #4 and don’t lie! You do it, too. It is sad but true that the sum of all political knowledge on FB and Twitter can be expressed...

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September 3, 1983: A day that shall live inside of me

Dateline: Friday, September 2, 1983 The day began like any other day might, if that day included your being a ministry student living in the married couples’ dorms at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, married to your nine-months-pregnant, ready-to-pop high school sweetheart, father of a two year old toddling girl, facing five classes between 7 AM and 1 PM, due for work at Vermillion Walnut Company by 3 PM, getting home from work around 12:30 AM, and finally getting a weekend to catch up on your studies, and write a paper for your insufferable Life of Paul professor. The day began as every other day did back in those days—as a blur to a bleary-eyed, weary-but-determined preacher-in-the-making. It was how the day ended and the next one began that would forever change the course of our lives. When I got home from work in the wee hours of September 3, 1983, my wife informed me that it was time. She was in labor and more than ready to finally give birth to our second child. So, fresh from eight hours of cutting and sanding assorted shapes and sizes of walnut wood that would be fashioned into cheese-slicers and knife blocks, I ran through the shower and to the car. A few hours later, the thing that would most challenge my faith would occur. Holly Rachelle Strother was born...

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