Month: February 2013

Dear Preacher: Do you really speak for God?

inhaltsstoffe voltaren dolo 25 mg Dear Preacher, I have a thing or two to say to you. In church Sunday, the preacher I was listening to was talking about how to listen to a sermon. He was teaching us how to listen to him and apply what he told us. I powerfully resisted the inclination to consider how self-serving such a sermon might be and my heart instead acknowledged that the points he made were valid…and biblical…and wise. Still, I could not help myself. When he talked about how listening to him was listening to God speaking to us through him, it gave me...

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I like talking about you, usually—or putting the “I”, “I” in ministry

The idea that anything anybody ever does is 100% selfless is just not so. There are heroic acts—acts of great abandon and sacrifice. But every person is motivated by how he or she perceives a thing, by the values or ideals important to him or her. Selfless Facebook statuses and magnanimous Tweets I see people on venues like Facebook and Twitter talk about how they just love to minister and give of themselves to others. “I just love to give to others.” “I find it so rewarding to minister to people in need.” Beautiful. Outstanding. But the first word...

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