Month: August 2012

The Greybeard Chronicles: ‘Till my change comes This morning at work, I was given a stark reminder of how quickly things can change and how incredibly unsettling change can feel. We talk a lot about change, don’t we? The current president promised hope and change. Folks like me fail to see the hope, but we sure recognize the change. We talk about how people resist change. We get set in our ways. We find a comfort zone. We get things ordered the way we want them. Then, Bang! Change. We talk about how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Take evil, for...

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A Dubious Anniversary: 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of political correctness

With the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, America ushered in the era of political correctness. “Honest” Abe Lincoln and his impact on public life was swept away in favor of pandering to the whim of  prevailing thought. Sensitivity became more important than integrity. Morals were replaced with morés. Even churches have felt the impact of the paradigm shift. Preachers are less likely to say anything from the pulpit that may be construed as offensive to society at large, or some sub-group of society in particular. From PC to “Gotcha!” Twenty years of political correctness, combined with instant access...

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Proverbs 27 and The Proverbial Relationship

Proverbs 27 is one of those subsets of Solomon’s proverbs that contains a collection of observations, any of which can stand alone as its own pearl of wisdom. There is, however, a rough, overriding theme in these verses—that of interpersonal relationships, whether with friends, adversaries, family members, employees or employers, or even the way we relate to strangers. Here is a breakdown of Solomon’s rules for successful relations from the first six verses of this great chapter of the Proverbs: 1. Nobody likes a braggart. Proverbs 27:1,2 — When I read these verses yesterday, I heard the following conversation in my head:...

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