Month: June 2012

Father Along: Precious Memories of Dad Still Linger A few days ago, my uncle Troy Henager texted me. He said, “Father’s Day is just around the corner and I was remembering some of the things your dad used to say.” You see, Troy is only three years older than me and we both worked at D&F Battery & Electric from about the age of 12 until we each left home. That was Dad’s business in Mineral Wells, his baby. So, he was like a second dad to Troy, I guess. David Strother could be a hard task master and a grumpy one at that. He had some...

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Love is not a poem

pantoprazole (protonix) 20 mg tablet [br] Love is not a feeling but nothing feels better than to love and be loved [br] Love is not an emotion but the emotions run wild, soar and ebb because of love [br] Love is not an action but no one springs to action like the one driven by love [br] Love is not a passion but passionless love is not really love at all [br] Love is not a science or an art but neither matter much without it [br] Love is not a good thing or even a great thing it’s the only thing that lasts....

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The Pessimist’s Version of the Old Adage

Have you ever been peppered by the well-meaning “old adage” as a means of getting you out of the mulligrubs? Maybe you are enjoying your mulligrubs. Maybe you don’t want to be cheered just yet. Maybe there is a cathartic element to grumpiness that some eternally annoying optimists will never understand. So, I reworked some of the old standbys to better suit your mood… [hr] If at first you don’t succeed, you probably just suck. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, unless it was over before it began. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. Wait!...

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